Looking for an easy way to grow organic veggies from the comfort of your home? Try our Green Me Microgreens Growing Kit!

In less than a week, you will be rejoicing with a new edible home crop. This fun activity will spark your kids’ love for nature as they witness the miracle of seeds growing into young plants.
The microgreens do not require much light and only need water once a day. 
Everything you need to show off your green fingers comes with the kit we provide, including:

• 2 reusable microgreens growing trays
• peat moss
• 2 packets of organic seeds and a step-by-step instruction card that also functions as a plant tray cover
• Separate refill kits available
 Microgreens are 100% organic, non-GMO and guaranteed to sprout! They are small in size but macro in their nutritional profile, and can be effortlessly incorporated in many delicious meals of your choice.
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